“Savior’s Feet”

“Savior’s Feet”
a poem by Dorothy Zweil

Lord Jesus, Redeemer, Savior, God!
When in your Word I see,
That of all your twelve disciples
(and I think it speaks of me),
That not one would stoop
To do that which was meet;
Take the basin and the towel
To Wash the Savior’s Feet.

Love from your heart shone bright
As you deigned to stoop so low,
To take the servant’s place;
And teach what we should know.
It make me weep before you, Lord,
To think I would be
So thoughtless and careless
Of that which pertains to Thee.

Lord, put the lesson deep in my heart
To wash another’s feet,
For in doing so
Your loving smile I’ll meet.
For when I truly will to serve,
I will always know;
That when I wash another’s feet,
Your feet I was also.