I am New

A Message from Pastor Troy Green


Hello and welcome to our church website! We hope you can get something you need here today to encourage or strengthen you. Our website has three primary purposes:

  1. Be a place where people can come for information, inspiration and other resources to help them deepen their relationship with God.
  2. Be a forum for church members to provide ministry. Every Christian has a ministry calling and our “Ministry Pages” are unique pages where our members can do what they were called to do.
  3. Provide basic information about our church and her activities so members can be informed and visitors can get a feel for who we are and what we do.

Please feel welcome to visit, comment and share here and we would love to meet you in person sometime if you get the opportunity.



What to Expect if You Visit

First of all you can expect to feel welcome. We know God welcomed us with open arms and we want you to experience the same hospitality. We are a friendly congregation and we love to have new folks visit. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in and will see folks wearing everything from jeans to suits (but usually that’s just the preacher!).We usually have about 55 people attending worship.

Sunday school starts at 9:30 with classes for all ages including three adult classes. The worship service begins at 10:45. You can grab a bulletin on your way in which includes the order of worship. Our service is usually pretty simple and traditional. We mostly sing hymns with the accompaniment of the piano or organ but we also sing more contemporary songs too.

The “main entrance” is off of High Street and enters the back of the building you see above. But be warned those doors enter the front of the sanctuary. So, if you are running a little late and you use that door you will get to see a lot of smiling faces turned your way! Walk around to the front entrance if you are bashful. We won’t care either way; we’ll just be glad you came.