Love Is Willing to Suffer Long

a poem by Dorothy C Zweil
(c) 2014

Love is willing to suffer long
To bear the ill, endure the wrong;
Willing to wait without reward
Willing to leave it with the Lord.

Love is willing to set the mind
Upon the art of being kind;
Willing that Christ might help us see
That He can set the captive free.

Love is willing to be content
With what we have, with what is sent;
Willing to be of one accord
Desiring only to know the Lord.

Love is willing not to boast
Though little used, or used the most;
Willing to keep the vessel clean
That Christ our Lord be clearly seen.

Love is willing to be polite
In days of darkness, days of light;
Willing to build for God alone
Forbidding self to seek its own.

Love is willing to take the yoke
To walk with Christ, not be provoked;
Willing that He the thoughts control
Rejoicing as the truth unfolds.

Love is willing with mantle kind
To cover, to trust in love divine;
Willing to wait in hope and then
Willing to endure the wrath of men.

Love never fails!

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