Order of Worship


Have you ever wondered why we do certain things during our worship service? Well, this MP# file of excerpts from our service on June 5th gives some explanations.

Special thanks to Steve Tudor who served as our piano player! Steve has a great voice and and an engaging heart for God.

Announcements and Prayer Concerns

Prelude and Lighting of the Altar Candles

Choral Call to Worship

Invocation [Sorry the explanation is missing from the audio but the Invocation is about inviting God’s presence and requesting Gods’ guidance and blessing]

Hymn of Praise [Also missing but our first hymn is always one that directly adresses God. Also called a “vertical” worship song.

Call to Confession and Assurance of Pardon [Although the prayer is recorded the explanation is not. The purpose of this is to provide a period of silence followed by a leaders prayer in which we reflect on the sin in our lives, ask for forgiveness and receive God’s pardon]

Praise Time


Doxology and Offertory Prayer [Gene led the prayer and I had to amplify the audio but there is some distortion]

Children’s Time [Again the audio needed to be amplified. For the lesson the first time I stood in front of them, then moved behind them, then finally leaned down close to them–face to face]

Choir Special or Special Music

Pastoral Prayer



Communion [I’ve included the truncated audio for this and once again I had to amplify it to hear it. Sorry for the distortion.]

Closing Hymn

Benediction and Carrying forth the Light


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