Here you will find a list of sermons with the most recent at the top. Simply click the triangle next to the message and you can listen to it streaming or right click on the sermon name and save to your device as a MP3 file. You can search by keywords, dates and texts using your browser.

12-27-15 Christmas I–Begin and End –Mark 1:1-14
keywords: God begins and we respond, baptism of Jesus, what we need first, John was recognizable as a prophet, things that blind and deafen us to God, Holy Spirit Baptism, unable to live the Christian life, “ultimate gift giver,” love first
[powerpress url=”–Begin%20and%20End.mp3″] Download “Christmas I–Begin and End”

12-20-16 Advent IV–Ordinary Obedience –Luke 1:39-56
keywords: Mary and Elizabeth, ordinary people, betrothal, odd, how Jesus treated family, chose God, the mistake of consulting oneself
[powerpress url=”–Ordinary%20Obedience.mp3″]
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We’ve got a special something for you! Click below to download the PowerPoint from our Christmas Program.
Download “2015 Christmas Program Slide Show”

12-13-15 Advent III–Hope and Joy! –Zephaniah 3:14-20
keywords: “Difference Maker,” we thought we could do better, changes is slow, Satan’s problem with hope, God’s love never fails, we grow in struggles, we have hope because God is in our midst
[powerpress url=”–Hope%20&%20Joy.mp3″] Download “Advent III–Hope and Joy!”

12-6-15 Advent II-Repent and Be Ready–Malachi 3
keywords: Do the wicked get away with it? John the baptist and Elijah, the Word came to John, tithing, muttering, act on the Word, refiner of silver, crucibles, New Year preparations, what marks our time
[powerpress url=”–Repent%20and%20Be%20Ready.mp3″]
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11-29-15 Advent I–Hope Springs –Psalm 25
keywords: God plants with a word, ashamed, Snipe hunting, God’s memory problem, God’s forgiveness doesn’t hinge on your worthiness, reverent fear set our relationship with God correctly, prophecy brings hope
[powerpress url=”–Hope%20Springs.mp3″]
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10-11-15 Congregational Life II–“The I’s Have It” –Romans 12
keywords: body dysmorphic disorder, congregational identity clarity, 1) Integrity, altar hooks, discerning the will of God, 2) Investment, use of spiritual gifts, 3) Integration, holiness, 4) Involvement with the imperfect, gates of hell
[powerpress url=”–The%20I’s%20Have%20It.mp3″]
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09-27-15 Congregational Life I–“Faith in Community” –Acts 2-37-47
keywords: resurrected bodies, Lone Ranger Christians, Satan’s methods to isolate and destroy, Apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer, awe and Word, communism, gangs, visit
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10-04-15 Guest preacher Robert Doud –“A Flexible Compass” –I Corinthians 9:19-23
keywords: all things to all people, moral compass, willingness to adjust your course to reach others, Godly people in ungodly places, it’s ok to not know what is next
[powerpress url=”–Flexible%20Compass.mp3″]
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09-20-15 Discipleship III–“I Don’t Know a Thing About Love” –John 13:31-25
keywords: what is love?, love as romance, lust and affection, falling out of love, the defining mark of Jesus’ disciples, all loves comes from God, Judas, betrayal in the face of love
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09-13-15 Discipleship II ‘How to Avoid Being a 60 Year Old Toddler”–John 15:1-8
keywords: bear fruit, we get to participate, spiritual immaturity, how to not be a 60 year old toddler, discipleship maturity test, “petty sins,” let God do the beating, ongoing forgiveness, growing up, discipleship
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Here is the PowerPoint. Slides change at 5:55, 6:39, 13:49. 17:02, 24:30, 26:35, 27:39, 30:47, 31:37
Download “Discipleship II PowerPoint”

09-06-15 Discipleship I–John 3:1-15
keywords: Nicodemus, we need more from God than cognitive information, Bible knowledge is not enough, Scripture shows us where we are in RELATIONSHIP to God, being born and growing up, God interacts with disciples in many ways, disciples grow through obedience
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Here is the PowerPoint. After the Scripture there is a video. You will want to pause the sermon audio at 4:35 and play the video. After that move to the next slide. Then change slides at 16:44 and 21:39. would love to know of the PowerPoints are important to you or not! Download “Discipleship I PowerPoint”

08-30-15 Evangelism III from Acts 1 and 3
keywords: specific God vs generic god, centrality of the Holy Spirit in evangelism, taking Jesus at His word, witness to sin, people want the attributes of God disconnected from the Person of God, clothed in power, “How Can I Keep from Singing?”
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08-30-14 Fifth Sunday Petersburg Community Worship Service. Brother Doug Brown from Petersburg First Baptist brings a challenging message of repentance and revival from II Chronicles 7:14
keywords: it’s time that the Church woke up, America in peril, past awakenings and the need for another, revival begins in the Church, conditions of revival, pray for holiness and revival
[powerpress url=”–If%20My%20People.mp3″]
Download “If My People”

08-23-15 Guest Preacher Robert Doud brings a sincere message on evangelism and ministry. John 10:3-4
keywords: Be real, recognize the world has changed, simply share what God has done, connect first then speak, don’t insist on your own comfort, God will lead you when and what to share, keep in constant contact, walk in faith
[powerpress url=”–Can%20You%20Hear%20Me%20Now.mp3″]
Download “Can You Hear Me Now?”

08-16-15 Evangelism II Mark 16, Matthew 28, Luke 24 (NOTE: This message comes with a PowerPoint including the Scripture read. Here are the times to transition the slides: 4:12 (Mark Text), 12:35 (Matthew), 20:15 (Luke), 33:33 (photo).
Download “Evangelism II PowerPoint”

keywords: Every Christian called to evangelism, obedience to encounter God, Christianity depends on witness, Does God still do signs?, the witness of something, Jesus gives away power
[powerpress url=”″] Download “Evangelism II”

08-09-15 Evangelism I Mark 6:1-13 (NOTE: This message comes with some images, click below to download the PowerPoint and follow along. I try to say “next slide” but here are the times to change slides: 8:40, 8:56, 10:06, 11:38, 13:05, 18:56 (feet), 21:29. 21:49, 22:55. 29:25, 29:32, 30:49, 32:36, 33:43, 35:02.)
Download “Evangelism I PowerPoint”

keywords: barriers to feedback, taking offense, too small to make a difference, demonic opposition to evangelism, blinded to sinfulness, suffering, Good News, God’s Holiness, shaking dust, repentance, deal with hurts and needs, evangelism depends on divine resources
[powerpress url=”;1-13.mp3″] Download “Evangelism I”

08-02-15 “Evil and the FoolMark 6:14-22 (NOTE: today’s message comes with some images, click below to download the PowerPoint and follow along. Here are the times to change slides, 5:28 (Mural), 7:20 (Herod’s Family Tree), 10:53 (John the Baptist), 14:25 (Herodias), 15:58 (Salome dancing before Herod Antipas and Herodias), 31:53 (King).
Download “Evil and the Fool PowerPoint”

keywords: Cecil the lion, God’s moral code applies to everyone, righteousness isn’t calculating or timid, the wise, the foolish and the evil, shame is soothed with abusive power, entertaining truth, place of history, law based morality, “extremists”, embrace the truth, fools fall to evil, wrong side of history.
[powerpress url=”–Mark%206;14-22.mp3″] Download “Evil and the Fool”

07-26-15 Philippians 4:10-23
keywords: contentment and struggles, new perspectives, premature acceptance, what is being called out of me?, seizing freedom, “do all things in the One who enables me”, rewarded according to His riches, end with grace
[powerpress url=”;10-23.mp3″] Download “Philippians 4:10-23”

07-19-15 Philippians 4:4-9
keywords: doxology, lost joy, seeking happiness vs health, are people born good?, focus on problems, “be anxious for nothing,” peace in trouble, where do we turn first for help?, our mental image of Jesus, Good AND Bad
[powerpress url=”;4-9.mp3″] Download “Philippians 4:4-9”

07-12-15 Philippians 4:1-5
keywords: conflict in the church, working relationships, church involvement, “be of the same mind,” empathy, understanding, living out the Kingdom, stomach spirit vs forbearing spirit
[powerpress url=”;1-5.mp3″] Download “Philippians 4:4-15”

07-05-15 Philippians 3:17-22 [this recording includes the Communion service beginning around the 20 minute mark] keywords: citizenship, righteousness based on human activity, enemy of the cross, what do you glory in?, deserving it, sin in the flesh, scars in eternity
[powerpress url=”;17-22.mp3″] Download “Philippians 3:17-22”

06-28-15 Philippians 3:12-17
keywords: worry, “press on,” the Trinity, relational nature of God, sin disrupts relations, live in the now, importance of worship, “fake version of you”
[powerpress url=”;12-16.mp3″] Download “Philippians 3:12-17”

06-21-15 Philippians 3:1-11
keywords: Judiazers, what do you glory in?, legalism vs faith, “confidence in the flesh”, rubbish, do good people go to heaven?, Charleston murders and the witness of the Church, born dead, religious pony, spiritual action plan
[powerpress url=”;1-11.mp3″] Download “Philippians 3:1-11”

06-14-15 Philippians 2:19-30
keywords: mentoring, Paul & Timothy, leadership that is emotional invested, encouraging people, 360 degree ministry, risk to travel with God
[powerpress url=”;19-30.mp3″] Download “Philippians 2:19-30”

06-07-15 Philippians 2:12-18
keywords: “work out your salvation,” sawmill work, it’s not about us, our weaknesses and limitations, muttering and grumbling, rejoice and share joy
[powerpress url=”;12–18.mp3″] Download “Philippians 2:12-18”

05-31-15 Philippians 2:1-11
keywords: “in the form of,” where is Christ when we struggle and suffer?. the “why?” question, Christ’s humility, humility vs humiliation, basis of dignity and worth
[powerpress url=”;1-12.mp3″] Download “Philippians 2:1-11”

05-17-15 Philippians 1:18-30
keywords: facing death, soul sleep?, death as escape from suffering, work/ministry that is worth the effort, engaged ministry, America’s consumer culture, “conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ.” inviting God into our interpersonal conflicts, can people “make you mad?,” keep a bigger purpose
[powerpress url=”;18-30.mp3″] Download “Philippians 1:18-30”

05-10-15 Philippians 1:11-18
keywords: honor and shame, suffering unfairly, motives of love and shame, motives questioned,
[powerpress url=”;12–.mp3″] Download “Philippians 1:11-18”

05-10-15 Baptism Service introduction and confession of faith for Hannah Wells, Hank Wells, Lanny Dunnivan, Marieta Steele
[powerpress url=”″] Download “Baptism Service”

05-03-15 Philippians 1:1-10
keywords: “you all,” participation in the Gospel, acceptance and change, God perfects us, growth pathway
[powerpress url=”;1-10.mp3″] Download “Philippians 1:1-10”

04-26-15 “Shepherd’s Voice” John 10:1-10
keywords: communication, our motives for listening, distinguishing between God’s voice and others, faith stealer, shepherds lead, sheep follow, Jesus is the only door, more Jesus
[powerpress url=”’s%20Voice–John%2010;1-10.mp3″] Download “Shepherd’s Voice”


03-08-15 I Peter 5:6-14
keywords: humily the access to grace, grace is every Divine activity, uncoachable, anxious prayers vs turning anxities over, advasery vs Advocate, Satan’s tools of fear and decpetion
[powerpress url=”;6-14.mp3″] Download “I Peter 5:6-12”


03-01-15 I Peter 5:1-5
keywords: church leadersship, elders, sheperdhing and submission, instructions for leaders and followers, how do you lead or follow?. members do ministry
[powerpress url=”;1-5.mp3″] Download “I Peter 5:1-5”

02-22-15 I Peter 4:7-19
keywords: the end of all things, fervent love, hospitality as a priority, etiquette, how to welcome others, using spiritual gifts, suffering for right
[powerpress url=”;7-19.mp3″] Download “I Peter 4:7-19”

02-15-15 I Peter 3:13-4:6
keywords: punished for good deeds, living for oneself, why we have hope, God is never without a witness, suffering and priorities, born dead, dead people hear, the living speak
[powerpress url=”;14–.mp3″] Download “I Peter 3:13-4:6”

02-08-15 I Peter 3:1-12
keywords: submission and love, “understanding way,” ordained order/structure, marriage meant for intimacy, humans made for intimacy with God, intimacy requires risk, danger of redefining marriage, playing the Holy Spirit, barriers to understanding others, dismissing “crazy” people, husbands and wives
[powerpress url=”;1-14.mp3″] Download “I Peter 3:1-12”

02-01-15 I Peter 2:11-25
keywords: strangers and aliens, measure progress, standard of morality, human authority and government, God gives dignity, boundaries and mistreatment, respecting others
[powerpress url=”;11-25.mp3″] Download “I Peter 2:11-25”

01-25-15 I Peter 2:4-12
keywords: Cornerstone, Living Stone, Christ is unchanging, called to ministry, church leaders and members, consumer or contributor, engaging members in ministry
[powerpress url=”;4-12.mp3″] Download “I Peter 2:4-12”

01-18-15 I Peter 1:13-25
keywords: motivating people, paying workers, set apart for a specific purpose, purpose of salvation, decisions, “holy in the now”
[powerpress url=”–I%20Peter%201_13-25.mp3″] Download “I Peter 1:13-25”

01-11-15 I Peter 1:3-12
keywords: valuables, boundaries and protections, how secure is salvation, relationship within the Godhead, eternal inheritance, wedding ring, faith refined
[powerpress url=”–I%20Peter%201_3-12.mp3″] Download “I Peter 1:3-12”

01-04-15 I Peter 1:1-3 Chosen, Grace & Peace
keywords: living hope, chosen, Peter’s maturity, the arc of God’s grace, grace and peace be multiplied to you, God’s will for you, responding to grace
[powerpress url=”–Chosen,%20Grace%20&%20Peace.mp3″] Download “I Peter 1:1-3 Chose, Grace & Peace”

12-28-14 “Requirement” Matthew 8
keywords: Christmas is incarnation, tabernacles, where God dwells, God won’t impose, homeless with Jesus?, demons recognize Jesus, can God’s hands be tied?
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%208.mp3″] Download “Requirement”

12-21-14 “Fulfillment” Luke 1:26-45
keywords: expectation and hope, moderating expectations, persistent problems, win and fight, faithfulness, faith without pleasure, pursuit of happiness
[powerpress url=”–Luke%201_26-45.mp3″] Download “Fulfillment”

12-14-14 “Engagement” John 1:6-13
keywords: Christmas lights, Christ the light unrecognized, religious blindness, children of God, reality of Christ’s presences, engagement to or with Christ
[powerpress url=”–John%201_6-11.mp3″] Download “Engagement”

12-07-14 “Announcement” Isaiah 40:1-12
keywords: defeated, exiled and discouraged, what God can do vs Who God is, prepare, make way, song “Norma Jean Riley,” fool and faith, knowing about, when God approaches
[powerpress url=”–Isaiah%2040_1.mp3″] Download “Announcement”

11-30-14 “Alignment” Isaiah 64:1-9
keywords: our expectations of God, Christmas expectations, bowtie, judgment and hurts, offended, dealing with difficult people, clay and potter, God’s love and acceptance
[powerpress url=”–Isaiah%2064_1-9.mp3″] Download “Alignment”

11-23-14 “Overflow” Ephesians 1 [Sorry but this recording didn’t capture the Scripture reading or the first half of the sermon] keywords: gratefulness, sources of thanksgiving, gratitude and God’s work in your life, Christ’s righteous rule, agents of Divine change
[powerpress url=”–Ephesians%201.mp3″] Download “Overflow”

11-16-14 “Destiny” I Thessalonians 5:1-11
keywords: ready for the next life, the Day of the Lord, Divine intervention, evil, privet and bodock, what God has been in your life, security and peace, inevitable and unavoidable
[powerpress url=”–I%20Thessalonians%205;1-11.mp3″] Download “Destiny”

11-09-14 “Prudent Provision” Matthew 25:1-13
keywords: blind faith, imperfect believers, questions of faith, preparing to meet God, individuality of faith, infant baptism, ongoing interactive relationship, public confession, ministry (consumer or contributor, “Comfortably Numb,” God’s supply of grace
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%2025;1-13.mp3″] Download “Prudent Provision”

11-02-14 “Just Jesus” Matthew 17:1-8
keywords: using Jesus’ name in vain, Jesus’ humility and comfort, source of hope and encouragement, loss and grief, scary hope, Jesus is the hinge of human history
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%2017;1-8.mp3″] Download “Just Jesus”

10-26-14 “Second Take” Mark 8:1-26
keywords: looking for signs, faith to believe, when faith takes hold, scary dark, proof that you don’t get it, “one and done,” oaks of righteousness, the calling of PCPC, God has more
[powerpress url=”–Mark%208;1-26.mp3″] Download “Second Take”

10-19-14 “Course Correction” Micah 7
keywords: judgment is announced, ancient sin alive in the world today, misuse of power, order to resist the growth of sin, offended by truth, sin leads to trouble and suffering, life without reference to God, forgiveness
[powerpress url=”–Micah%207.mp3″] Download “Course Correction”

10-12-14 “Strange Clothes” Matthew 22:1-14
keywords: heaven’s dress code, invitations, “the invited,” the replacements, individual judgment, who is worthy?, clothes of righteousness, receiving grace, being dressed differently
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%2022;1-14.mp3″] Download “Strange Clothes”

10-05-14 “Multiplication by Subtraction” Joshua 11 and Mark 8 NOTE: There is some distortion in this recording.
keywords: recognizing God’s direction, overwhelming enemies, immediate action, full obedience, “God math”
[powerpress url=”–Joshua%2011–Mark%208.mp3″] Download “Multiplication by Subtraction”

09-28-14 “Employment” Matthew 21:23-32
keywords: first job, rigid religionists, obstacles to change, contention within the church, delayed repentance and resistance to growth, what makes change possible?, honest athiests
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%2014;23-32.mp3″] Download “Employment”

09-21-14 “Daily Deal” Matthew 20:1-16
keywords: unfair deals, how God does business, eternal life, negotiating with God, day laborer, God hires, negotiating with God, evil eye, inherit eternal life, grace
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%2020;1-16.mp3″] Download “Daily Deal”

09-14-14 “Your Divine Assignment” Guest Worship Leader SJ Moore brings an important message from John 12:46-50
keywords: chameleon Christians, 360 and 180 Christians, Fasting & Seeking, prayer & speaking, showing & acting, looking at Jesus, your labor is not in vain
[powerpress url=”–Your%20Divine%20Assignment%20–John%2012;46-50.mp3″] Download “Your Divine Assignment”

09-07-14 “Friend Indeed” Matthew 18:15-20
keywords: childlikeness, friends, correct on another, what is the Kingdom of God?, hypocrite, whose place is it to correct others?, affection and discipline are both love, walking in repentance, accepting others and loving the unlovely, correcting sin in others, deeds of friendship
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%2018;15-20.mp3″] Download “Friend Indeed”

08-31-14 “Exclusive Jesus” Matthew 16:13-28
keywords: multiculturalism, diversity and relativism, knowable truth, universalism, are all things true?, who is Jesus to you?, suffering and God’s mission, a cross for you, reverence and fear, Is God exclusive?
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%2016;13-28.mp3″] Download “Exclusive Jesus”

08-24-14 There was no recorded sermon for the service on this date.

08-17-14 Youth Sunday Message by Paul Sain with help from Scripture readers Aden, Destiny, Hannah and Harrison
keywords: what parents and children want from each other, obedience, God loves and disciplines, the way to God’s blessing, what shows our love to God
[powerpress url=”″] Download “Youth Sunday Message”

08-10-14 “Faith Alone” Matthew 14:22-33
keywords: faith & reason, fear opposes faith, Satan’s strategic opposition, room for doubt, infant baptism and personal faith, body and soul, does God owe us something?
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%2014;22-33.mp3″] Download “Faith Alone”

08-03-14 “Faith Fruit” Mark 11
keywords: God is hungry, faith is not the same as knowledge, faith is revealed by contridictions, don’t answer “I don’t know,” faith that transcends intellect, fear and feelings
[powerpress url=”–Mark%2011.mp3″] Download “Faith Fruit”

07-27-14 “Power Prayer” Luke 11:1-13
keywords: prayers God won’t answer, how to approach prayer, is God ok with our messed up world?, evil, is God vindictive?, misshapen views of God, living out what we know, “hell forbid,” Good view of God plus action on our part
[powerpress url=”–Luke%2011_1-13.mp3″] Download “Power Prayer”

07-20-14 “Application for Abundance” Matthew 13:1-29
keywords: why does God give more to people who already have?, not understanding, understanding without application, where can you have faith?, your response to God’s call to ministry
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%2013;1-29.mp3″] Download “Application for Abundance”

07-13-14 “Best Practices” Guest worship leader Jared Black leads our service centered on 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
keywords: God likes life and order, how to stay connected with God, have you disappointed God?, what is God’s will?, practice joy, prayer and giving thanks.
[powerpress url=”–Best%20Practices.mp3″] Download “Best Practices”

07-06-14 “Heart Condition” 2 Chronicles 16
keywords: turning from God, self sufficient, failure, stubborn hearts, selfishness, seeking hearts find, steadfastness, getting out of poverty, God looks for those He can support, surrender > satisfaction, challenges reveal our heart
[powerpress url=”–2%20Chronicles%2016.mp3″] Download “Heart Condition”

06-29-14 “Receiving Rewards” Matthew 10:40-41
keywords: your purpose, what people live for, “in the name of,” “Talking Christianity” God’s call, chiggers, heavenly rewards, what it is to live and work for God
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%2010;40-41.mp3″] Download “Receiving Rewards”

06-22-14 “God’s Choice” Acts 15
keywords: General Assembly, leadership decisions, debate acceptable when respectful, reason and Scripture, when relationships challenge our religion, Christian leadership, what it takes for the Church to be the Church
[powerpress url=”’s%20Choice%20–Acts%2015.mp3″] Download “God’s Choice”

06-15-14 “Discipleship x2” Matthew 28:16-20
keywords: doubt and discipleship, questions for God, necessity of obedience, make disciples, communication with God, baptism, discipline and discipleship, formal and informal disciplining, two things in the past of every disciple, can we really “make disciples”?
[powerpress url=”×2%20–Matthew%2028;16-20.mp3″] Download “Disciple x2”

06-08-14 “Spirit Source” Acts 1:12-14; 2:1-4
keywords: overcoming sin, why willpower is not the answer, God’s guidance, more than you can do, the most ridiculous thing a Christian can do
[powerpress url=”–Acts%201;12-14;%202;1-4.mp3″] Download “Spirit Source”

06-01-14 “Believe” John 10:22-42
keywords: reason to believe in Jesus as the Christ, skepticism, humility and authenticity as necessary, doubts, you don’t have to take His word, hearing His voice, communication required for relationship
[powerpress url=”–John%2010_22-42.mp3″] Download “Believe”

05-25-14 “Heart Check” Romans 12:9-21
keywords: primacy of love, sincere love, love your enemies, unlovable people, finishing well, overcoming evil
[powerpress url=”–Romans%2012;9-21.mp3″] Download “Heart Check”

05-18-14 “Ignition” Romans 12:1-8
keywords: God speaks, communication problems with God, living sacrifice, renewed mind is more than information gathering, changing our response to God, engaging our spiritual gifts
[powerpress url=”–Romans%2012;1-8.mp3″] Download “Ignition”

05-11-14 “For Real” Ephesians 4:17-32
keywords: world standard of morality, the Holy Spirit and sin, how Christians should stand out, managing anger, overcoming sin, the power of your mouth and forgiveness, the world’s reaction to those who look like Jesus, faking Christianity
[powerpress url=”–Eph%204_17-32.mp3″] Download “For Real”

05-04-14 “Work of Ministry” Ephesians 4:1-16
keywords: how God organized the church and how it functions, different roles for leaders and saints, spiritual immaturity, difference between traditional organizational structure vs New Testament structure
[powerpress url=”–Ephesians%204;1-16.mp3″] Download “Work of Ministry”

04-27-14 “Living Hope” I Peter 1:3-9
keywords: faith always rests on something, God’s preservation of faith, faith is purified by trials, what would it take for a believer to lose his/her salvation?, how to live your faith, what counts as faith?
[powerpress url=”–I%20Peter%201;3-9.mp3″] Download “Living Hope”

04-20-14 “Locating Jesus” John 20:1-18
keywords: seeking God, blind faith. Jesus defends His own, the God you need, “Whom do you seek?,” where to find Jesus
[powerpress url=”–John%2020;1-18.mp3″] Download “Locating Jesus”

04-13-14 “Bear the Cross” Matthew 27:27-56 –NOTE: the Scripture reading for this sermon was not recorded.
keywords: confession, forgiveness is costly, sins against Jesus, Christ’s suffering, blood and sin, the significance of the cross for us, the mystery of God’s use of sin
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%2027;27-56.mp3″] Download “Bear the Cross”

04-06-14 “Disappointing Jesus” John 11:1-44
keywords: disappointment, when we don’t understand God, God’s character and nature, resurrection and life are in Christ, 4-day dead corpses, dealing with disappointment
[powerpress url=”–John%2011;1-44.mp3″] Download “Disappointing Jesus”

03-30-14 5th Sunday Community Worship Service sermon by Rev. Kimi Brown on Prayer
[powerpress url=”–On%20Prayer.mp3″] Download “On Prayer”

03-30-14 “Love Is an Action” Luke 10:25-37
keywords: lawyers/scribes, different legal opinions, legalism’s focus on human effort, “not-neighbors,” clever justifications, love depends on what?, how to love people, self-destructiveness, how God loves
[powerpress url=”–Luke%2010;25-37.mp3″] Download “Love Is an Action”

03-23-14 “Give and Take” John 4:1-42
keywords: banter, Divine appointment, common understanding, honesty, who can worship?, who does God reveal Himself to?, balancing give and take, indulging selfishness, over-giving and over-taking, selfishness is never satisfied, God’s response to our giving, sow and reap, what to give God
[powerpress url=”–John%204;1-42.mp3″] Download “Give and Take”

03-16-14 “More Than That” John 3:1-17
keywords: preaching the Gospel, the Living Word, more than knowing truth, we want more, when what we know gets in the way of what we need to know, why we come to church, eternal life
[powerpress url=”–John%203;1-17.mp3″] Download “More Than That”

03-09-14 “God Wanted” John 6:1-15
keywords: why do we come to church/God?, God’s provision and compassion, people want God, seasons of lack, Jesus jokes, what we want in a God
[powerpress url=”–John%206_1-15.mp3″] Download “God Wanted”

03-02-14 “The Practice of Prayer” Matthew 6:5-18
keywords: forgiveness, praying against people, God’s forgiveness tied to ours, helping people change, what or how?
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%206;5-18.mp3″] Download “The Practice of Prayer”

02-23-14 “Real Reception” Mark 10:13-31
keywords: childhood experiences and examples, Jesus was indignant, receiving the Kingdom, childlike qualities, fake versions of you, how we learn to value ourselves, attachments, powerlessness, self-destructiveness, authority, obedience and outcomes, check “Yes” or “No”
[powerpress url=”–Mark_10;13-30.mp3″] Download “Real Reception”

02-16-14 “Perfect Praxis” Matthew 5:21-48
keywords: how Christians should act, sexual standards, divorce, high moral standard, who we should be like, perfection, failure, God’s motivation and purpose, can we fail?
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%205;21-48.mp3″] Download “Perfect Praxis”

02-09-14 “Determination”
keywords: contradiction between God’s will and the way the world works, fear, unnecessary miracles?, our expectations of God, presumptuous prayers, persistence in faith, fear and faith, does our faith save us?, fearful opportunities for faith
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%2014;22-33.mp3″] Download “Determination”

02-02-14 “Distinction” Matthew 5:13-15
keywords: the distinctive Christian life, what makes a Christian life distinctive?, what can we count to God to supply?, entitlement, “Super Bowl,” where God gets involved, utilization of our resources, correlation between self worth and service, fear and action, God assignments and surrender
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%205;13-15.mp3″] Download “Distinction”

01-26-14 “Transition” Matthew 5:1-12
keywords: correlation of belief and action, application, extending mercy, secret to receiving God’s provision, “peacemakers,” who gets blessed by God?, listeners and learners
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%205;1-12.mp3″] Download “Transition”

01-19-14 “Introduction” John 1:32-42
keywords: what interferes with finding and following Jesus, qualifications to meet Jesus, blind faith, moving in faith, the measure of faith, personal introduction to Christ, will God communicate personally with us?
[powerpress url=”–John%201_32-42.mp3″] Download “Introduction”

01-12-14 “Seven Myths About Jesus –Part II” John 1:1-18
keywords: correlation between belief and behavior, Jesus is unique, why Jesus is still relevant, living without Jesus, reason of life, spiritual and physical life, adoption, conduit of God’s grace, what does God look like?, Jesus and salvation
[powerpress url=”–Part%20II.mp3″] Download “Seven Myths About Jesus Part II”

01-05-14 “Seven Myths About Jesus –Part I” John 1:1-18
keywords: how beliefs matter, atheism, was Jesus created? is there One God or Three? the mystery of the Divine, scientific worldview, Christian foundations of Western civilization, did Jesus perform miracles? can God be proven to exist by scientific measures?
[powerpress url=”–Part%20I.mp3″] Download “Seven Myths About Jesus Part I”

12-29-13 “Divine Direction” Matthew 2:13-23
keywords: Joseph acting on God’s direction, does God give personal direction?, our timing and God’s, God’s input and communication, God’s plans for individuals and the world, get in the game, inner and external opposition, influence of fear, crossroads decisions, “If you want to grow spiritually you have to act obediently”, God’s sovereign will
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%202;13-23.mp3″] Download “Divine Direction”

12-22-13 “Moral Markers” Matthew 1:18-25
keywords: morality, standards, defining right and wrong, step parenting, Joseph’s character, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, sexual sin, incarnation, “abibliophobia”, can we dispose of the concept of sin?
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%201;18-25.mp3″] Download “Moral Markers”

12-15-13 “Mistaken Identity” Matthew 11:2-11
keywords: offended by God, expectations, tragedy, John in prison, when good dreams die, persistent problems, when God disappoints, God doesn’t have opinions, complaints, identity, doubt
[powerpress url=”–Matthew%2011;2-11.mp3″] Download “Mistaken Identity”

12-08-13 “Kingdom, Power & Glory” Isaiah 11:1-10
keywords: attributes of God, Christ the righteous, powerful, good, what God can do, how do we live between the 1st and 2nd coming of Christ, what is normal?, living in rebellion
[powerpress url=”″] Download “Kingdom, Power & Glory”

12-01-13 “Evidence for Grace” Galatians 5:1-6
keywords: fallen from grace, Javert, EXHIBIT A: We are sinners, legalism, preservation of believers, false guilt, God’s grace
[powerpress url=”–Galatians%205;1-6.mp3″] Download “Evidence for Grace”

11-24-13 “King Anyway” Luke 23:33-43
keywords: Who wanted Jesus? Judging God, Jesus crucified with criminals, transgressors, intercede, deals with the devil, why didn’t Jesus save Himself? Christ the King
[powerpress url=”–Luke%2023;33-43.mp3″] Download “King Anyway”

11-17-13 “End Time Don’ts” Luke 21:5-19
keywords: the end of time, how to be ready, witness/testimony, false Christs, fear, worry, hope, things that impress us, what changes when Jesus returns, how to be prepared for the end of time
[powerpress url=”’ts%20–Luke%2021;5-19.mp3″] Download “End Time Don’ts”

11-10-13 “Resurrection Is God Business” Luke 20:27-40
keywords: Sadducees, resurrection, Jesus as teacher, life after death, lose life, lose hope, grief, things die
[powerpress url=”–Luke%2020;27-40.mp3″] Download “Resurrection Is God Business”

11-03-13 “Called by Name” Luke 19:1-10
keywords: Jesus’ appearance, personal vs crowd, social rejection, Zacchaeus, personal invitation, obstacles to faith, how to improve/strengthen your relationship with Christ, salvation, seek and save
[powerpress url=”–Luke%2019;1-10.mp3″] Download “Called by Name”

10-27-13 “Down Is the Way Up” Luke 18:9-13
key words: parable of Pharisee and tax collector, comparison to others, standard of God’s judgment, self righteousness, justification, forgiveness, humility, righteousness, rules and religion.
[powerpress url=”–Luke%2018;9-14.mp3″] < a title=”[powerpress url=”–Luke%2018;9-14.mp3″ href=”–Luke%2018;9-14.mp3″>Download “Down Is the Way Up”

10-20-13 “God of Our Prayers” Luke 18:1-8
key words: justice, judge and widow, injustice, prayer, insistent, persistent, consistent, praying as a body, use of power/resources, what God are we praying to?, how does God respond to our prayers?
[powerpress url=”–Luke%2018;1-8.mp3″] Download “God of Our Prayers”

10-13-13 “Loud Lepers” Luke 17:11-19
key words: cries for mercy, loud voices, getting Jesus’ attention, lepers, Samaritan, jealousy, religion, gratitude, cry out to God, the gift and the Giver, thanksgiving
[powerpress url=”–Luke%2017;11-19.mp3″] Download “Loud Lepers”

10-06-13 “Moving Mulberries” Luke 17:1-10
key words: mulberry/sycamine tree, faith, divine power, conduit, how God receives glory, service, understanding who God is, time with God, impossible tasks/expectations
[powerpress url=”–Luke%2017;1-10.mp3″] Download “Moving Mulberries”

09-29-13 “Divergent Destinies” Luke 16:13-35

key words: Lazarus, rich, poor, hell, paradise, suffering and comfort, wealth, injustice, salvation, afterlife, Is there hope in hell?, Is my suffering caused by God?, prayer of faith in Christ
[powerpress url=”–Luke%2016;16-31.mp3″] Download “Divergent Destinies”

09-22-13 “A Servant’s Master” Luke 16:1-13
key words: zero inventory, money, wealth, idolatry/idols, insecurity, influence of fear, being spiritualy shrewd, misperceptions about God, operation beliefs, can anyone be forgiven?
[powerpress url=”–Luke%2016;1-13.mp3″] Download “A Servant’s Master”

09-15-13 “Celestial Celebration” Luke 15:1-10 [Sorry the audio is poor on this one] key words: lost, value,¬†God goes looking, “re-homing,’ ideas of grace, scavenger hunt, repentance, celebration
[powerpress url=”;1-10.mp3”] Download “Celestial Celebration”

09-08-13 “Terms of Peace” Luke 14:25-35
key words: counting the cost, hate, going along with Jesus, priorities, “My Life,” becoming a disciple, surrender, trapeze
[powerpress url=”;25-35.mp3″] Download this sermon

09-01-2013 “Mail Call” Luke 14:1-14
key words: dropsy, Sabbath healing, Lord of the Sabbath, men & women, distorted thinking, distorted relationships, self image, self respect, pride
[powerpress url=”″] Download “Mail Call”

08-18-2013 “Christ the Divider” Luke 12:39-59
key words: sin, tolerance, culture, division, payment for sin, do all paths lead to God, how to be forgiven, ministry of reconciliation, living in forgiveness
[powerpress url=”–Luke%2012;39-59.mp3″]

07-21-2013 “Distraction” Luke 10
key words: Mary, Martha, Service, Worry, Distraction, Stress, Overwork, “God clubs”
[powerpress url=”–Luke%2010.mp3″]

06-02-2013 “Depends On” Luke 7:1-10
key words: worthiness, who is worthy?, appealing to God, belief, faith and authority, what does faith rest upon
[powerpress url=”–Luke%207_1-10.mp3″]

09-02-2012 “My Dog Is a Sinner” 2 Corinthians 5
key words: sin, cost of salvation, redemption, sinful nature, God’s motive for salvation
[powerpress url=”–%202%20Cor%205.mp3″]


  1. Thank you for your faithfulness in posting these sermons. I appreciate them.

  2. I don’t know the guy Donna but he looks like me funny

  3. Amen SJ Moore!

  4. This sermon, dated 5/31/15 on Phil. 2:1-11, was so encouraging. It also reminded me of a song. I hope it’s alright if I post it here. This is for anyone who feels like quitting, or is discouraged. I pray God blesses you with the strength and courage to keep “walking out your salvation”. May God richly bless you.

    This is one that has encouraged me during rough times, and I pray it does you as well.

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